Interview with: Babyblu

A few days ago, we sat down with Dylan, from Babyblu to discuss his new album Petals.  This album is AMAZING and I can’t wait to hear it live! I haven’t seen Babyblu live yet, but August 12th , they are playing a show with DBMK & Hardcastle. Be sure to check it out!


Loveless Magazine: Who are your music influences?

Dylan: I would say probably whatever I listened to at the time. A lot of Petals was R&B stuff like Daniel Caesar. “Parallel” was heavily influenced by Daniel Caesar. I mean Bleachers is one. With “Finish My Heart” everyone always thinks [an influence is] The 1975. Kyle (singer in DBMK) produced it so it sounds like a Bleachers song. Foster The People because they are my favorite band, but also some old Prince, and The 1975. It’s a really plain answer but at the same time that band inspires me.


L: Do you get nervous before shows?


 D: I used to, but lately I play somewhat frequently so it’s like whatever. I get stressed out over the weirdest shows. We did a show with Sleeptalk and I didn’t know how the venue would be.

L: Let’s talk about your newest album Petals. What was that like for you?

D: I started with “Shallow,” which was written in  2015 while I was still in highschool. I wrote the piano part in my art class because I wouldn’t actually do art, I would just sit on my computer. The last song was “Carsick” because I had no idea that was gonna be on the album. I had the idea and the words for it, but I didn’t have the piano part for it yet. I had a different song called “Heart to Heart” that was supposed to be on the album, but I never finished it and my friends were upset with me just like “Lay With Me” and “Kingdom.” Treis was the reason why “Let You Down” was on the album. Originally, that wasn’t on the track list. “Shallow” is really old, that was one of the first Babyblu songs I wrote. I was like 17 when I wrote it, at first I wasn’t planning on releasing “Shallow,” but I decided to bring it back. I’m considering using older songs I have in the future. I would say the Words With Love EP came out and the songs on it were like a year and a half old. The second song that I wrote for Petals was “Truly Physical” at the end of 2015. I wrote a bunch of it all at once, like “Peaches,” “Let You Down,” and “Run.” A bunch of stuff was written from October to November. I would sit down everyday and force myself to write after class. I wrote “Peaches” in a day and I wrote the demo for “Let You Down” in a day. I looked back at the old demo for that and it’s like super simple. It was weird chunks of time where I would write like October and November were two months where I wrote a lot. At the end of November a lot of stuff happened and I was dealing with some things so I took a little time off. At the end of December I wrote “Parallel,” and when we started to play more shows I started considering putting out another EP called the Truly Physical EP but I never ended up finishing it. I talked to Kyle and he was like “You should try to put out an album”. Originally, it was supposed to come out at the end of the year but I really wanted it to be a summer album so I gave myself a deadline of June 23rd and I just told myself to get it done by then. I had about 22 songs by the end of March. Obviously, a bunch of them didn’t make the album. I just remember I had a lot of stuff to choose from so I had to figure out what fit best together and what would make the album and what wouldn’t. “Finish My Heart” was done by January, so I was sitting on that song for a while. The week before “Finish My Heart” came out I finished “Carsick”. That was the last addition to the album and then the album was done. “What Was The Last Lie You Told?” was written in April and that vocal take was one take at like four in the morning. Sometimes I don’t do one take for stuff but that was a weird song and it just felt right. Petals was a while in the making but most of it was all done at once in a six month period.


L: You said you wanted Petals to be a summer album, what song gives you the most summer vibe?


D: I would have to say “Finish My Heart.”

L: Who are your style influences?

D: I think that Tyler the Creator is a genius so him. It’s not really just him but the little things that he does influence my style. Goodwill, because it’s affordable. This shirt was a dollar. I like how HUNNY dresses really weird. I’ve considered buying things from his Depop shop but, I’m really broke. I like COIN and how they dress, but if they dressed a little more homeless. COIN but a little more homeless, yeah that’s how I would describe it [my style]. They dress really cool and nice but add some holes and stuff and we are all in.


Interviewed by: Brooke Nolan & Emma Hintz

Written by: Brooke Nolan

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